Visual Bug Tracking

You want to identify and eliminate bugs? We can help! Our tool makes it super easy to eliminate bugs.

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BugShot - the Visual Bug Tracking Tool

With this bug tracking tool the days of convoluted emails and cryptic messages discribing mistakes are over.  BugShot helps you to provide clear and intelligable feedback.

It is very simple: mark, tap, send ... done!

Key Features

Visible Markers for Bugs

The marker gives you a clear indication where the bug is. And not only that - it captures and transmits a screenshot, description, all browser and operating system data as well as attachments and a priority request. The bug does not stand a chance.

Organising Bugs

On the Kanban Board bugs can be managed and moved as you work on them. As soon as a bug is forwarded into "Done", everyone on the projects receives a status mail. Perfect!

Drag and Drop

The simple Kanban Board helps you to manage your bugs and to keep an overview. It is mission control for all the bugs in the system. It is also the place for chats, questions, feedback and much more.

Team Work

Working in a team has never been easier. Testers on the team report bugs and web developers have direct access to all the relevant information in one location. There is no tedious going forward and backward. The Kanban Board also shows the status of each bug. It could not be better.

Browser Extensions

Embedding scripts into a website for each project can be difficult. We therefore offer more and more browser extensions.

Windows Screenshot Tool

Is there a bug in a C# application or in another window outside the browser? For this problem we offer our Windows application, which - as an extra benefit - can easily be used as a screenshot tool.


With our iOS-app it is very simple to make screenshots in an iOS environment.

Bug Report Widget

Users can generate personalised widgets and display the current status of their projects on their device. (planned)

Team Tasks

Teams can debug and work seamlessly across multiple applications.

File sharing

All files relevant to the project can be uploaded and are accessible to the team.

We are Working on More

A continuously improving and growing service that offers new features every week, is our vision and promise.

Chats for each bug

You can start a chat for each bug. This allows you to respond and clarify quickly and to document everything related to the bug.

A strong API as the core of the application

Our API is the core of the application. For this reason we can very quickly offer third party systems with extensions. Let us know what your requirements are and we will contact the provider of your system.


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Bug tracking not only takes a lot of time

There are many reasons why bugs take a lot of time, money and energy. These are the most important:

Calls and Emails Annoy!

Calls and emails with tedious descriptions about bugs and mistakes are annoying. They interrupt the work flow and very often they are forgotten.

Information Gets Lost

Descriptions of bugs and mistakes are quite often incomplete. On top of that bugs have to be tracked and found in the browser. Loss of information and many iterations cost a lot of time and money.


Forgotten Bugs Cost Money

A lot of bugs are forgotten and show after the launch of a website. Clients complain and demand repair for free. As web developer you face a loss of revenue as you have to track and eliminate the bugs.


Calculate how many hours you can save

When you discuss, document and capture bugs unnecessarily long, it costs you revenue and precious resources.


Possible savings through BugShot

in the month

in the month

On average, we can save you about hours of work per team member per month.

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* these values are for illustration only.

BugShot Changelog

Here you can get an overview of the developments and innovations at BugShot.


BugShot's first prototype released for testing


Changing the structure by adding
organizations and groups


Introduction of a free test phase of 14 days


Fixing bugs caused by the restructuring

Performance optimizations for better usability


Adding a search bar

Introduction of an archive for resolved and deleted bug entries



Option to delete accounts

Moving bug entries to other projects

Bug fixing

Performance Optimization

Building Trust

We are in the Early Beta Phase of this project and in close cooperation with you as a client we can build trust and a successful service.

We can gain your trust through our reliability.

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