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Effective customer feedback: The guide to successful website prototypes

In the world of digital marketing, customer feedback is not just an opinion, it is an essential resource. It shapes strategies, sharpens targeting and improves products. Collecting and using this feedback is especially critical when creating website prototypes, where every adjustment can significantly impact the user experience and therefore the success of the website.

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The essentials of effective landing pages: strategies for maximum conversion rates

Designing a landing page that actually converts is an art in itself. It's not just about being visually appealing, but also about turning every visitor into a potential customer. A well-designed landing page is like a tailor-made suit - it fits your offer perfectly and appeals to exactly the right target group.

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5 reasons why error tracking with Asana is annoying (and how to fix it)

Yesterday I had a conversation with a web agency friend of mine. The head of the agency and his team were completely annoyed by their bug tracking system. Really difficult to translate into German.

They use Asana for their internal projects and it worked great, so they decided to try it out for bug tracking as well. But they were annoyed to no end! Even though the team had done everything as suggested by Asana in the best practice.

The feedback can basically be summarized as follows:

  • The project managers and designers said it took too long to report even simple errors.
  • The developers were equally frustrated because the reports were incomplete and inconsistent.
  • Asana is great for managing tasks, but it's difficult to create effective bug reports, regardless of position.

Yeah, this is where we come in.

From this, I've identified the five main issues that are preventing your colleagues from creating meaningful bug reports in Asana.

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The best project management tools for marketing: a guide to efficient teamwork

In the dynamic world of marketing, efficient project management is the key to success. With the right tools at hand, marketing teams can manage their projects smoothly from conception to implementation. In this article, we'll look at some of the best project management tools that are particularly suited to marketing teams.

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What is the difference between Jira and BugShot?

Jira vs. BugShot: Which tool is the right one for your software development? Find out in our new blog post how these two software applications differ and which tool best suits your requirements. Discover the versatile features of Jira and the specialized bug tracking of BugShot to increase the efficiency and quality of your software projects. Read on to find out which tool will optimize your workflow and help you manage bugs with ease.

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Microsoft Edge plans to remove features

Microsoft Edge plans to remove features to improve the user experience. The latest beta version of Microsoft Edge is getting rid of some features you probably didn't even know existed, like Math Solver and Citations. Find out here which features are affected and why the company is making this move.

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Artificial intelligence learns to play Super Mario live on TikTok

An artificial intelligence called Rupert is currently learning to play Super Mario World live on TikTok. The TikTok community is eagerly following how the AI's algorithm improves by studying its own mistakes.

Rupert is a system of machine learning algorithms that learns by studying its own mistakes. It was developed by a TikTok user called Join The PCMasterRace and is part of an open-source program called MarI/O, which was originally developed by programmer and livestreamer Seth Hendrickson aka SethBling.

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How to collect feedback from multiple agencies: A guide to effective feedback management

Learn how to efficiently collect and manage feedback from multiple agencies to take your marketing projects to the next level.

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Effective bug reporting directly in the browser with BugShot:

Surfing the World Wide Web can be exciting, but sometimes unexpected problems pop up. Before you give up in frustration, check out BugShot - your reliable bug reporting tool that helps you record technical difficulties on websites directly in the browser.

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Strong together: Collaborative work on websites with BugShot

The world of web design and development can sometimes be as complex as a spider's web, but thankfully there are tools like BugShot that make working collaboratively on websites so much easier.

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